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                ~For the Love of Boxers~

Boxers are extremely intelligent and loyal, with a temperament suitable for all ages. They are not aggressive, but naturally protective, making them an excellent family pet.

The boxer is a medium size breed with a deep muscled chest and square head.  Being very strong the Boxer should combine power with elegance. To meet the Boxer standards only two colors are permitted, fawn and brindle.  This being said they should also have a black mask.  White is permitted on their face, chest and legs as long as it does not exceed more than 1/3 of their body.  Boxers have a very short coat that does not require a lot of grooming. They do shed in the spring but it is minimal.  Due to their short coat it is barely noticeable. The short coat also means that they get cold quickly.  They should never be left outside, in a doghouse or a garage, even for short periods of time while you are away.  

 Boxers are very people oriented and will want to be with you whenever possible. If you leave your boxer to go to work, you must realize that when you return they will want to be with you and will expect and require a lot of attention.  This is something that you must be committed to or perhaps the Boxers is not the dog for you.  They truly are house dogs, and their spirit would be broken if not with you while you are home.  If you are looking for a dog to share your home, attention and love with, then the Boxer may be what you are looking for!  They are a high energy dog and require a commitment from their people to provide a balanced daily routine of exercise that matches their age and capabilities.

We highly recommend that you purchase a crate to house you Boxer in while you have to leave your home.  It is not cruel.  The boxer goes through a period of destruction from about the age of 6 months until they are about 1 and 1/2.  They suffer large amounts of anxiety when they are left without their family.  A crate becomes their place of refuge, and comforting to them, with a blanket and a chew toy, they are quite comfortable.  This allows for a warm welcome when you return home.  The Boxer is so happy to see you and you are to see them as they have not destroyed anything in your absence. 

As mentioned earlier Boxers are extremely intelligent and need mental and physical stimulation.  If you fail to provide this your puppy will make his own mischief.  Puppy obedience classes are highly recommended.

When training your puppy be firm and consistent but not harsh. Boxers are very intelligent; they are often the joker and will bore of their lessons.  You will often need to come up with new and fun exciting ways of training your Boxer. Keeping them on their game, and staying one step ahead of the boxer will prove to be a challenge but will help keep them enticed with the training.  Boxers do not respond well to physical discipline. 

Choose a veterinarian like you would a pediatrician.  Finding someone who is knowledgeable about the breed will go a long way in providing your Boxer with the quality of life they deserves. As with any breed of dog, routine health care maintenance is important.  A special note to all Boxer owners and future Boxer owners, Boxers are allergic to Atravet!  Atravet is a sedative, often prescribed to a dog on a flight or in surgery.  Please remind your vet of this.

Boxers should never be purchased on impulse.  Be sure to research the breed by reading books and asking questions.  A reputable breeder is always willing to take the time to answer all your questions and offer support before and after the puppy leaves their home.  When purchasing a puppy, follow the advice given by your breeder.  Hope that this helps you some in your decision making, good luck with the new puppy you choose for your home!


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